Which career will boom in Nepal in 2023?

Which career will boom in Nepal in 2023

Which career will boom in Nepal ?

It is very difficult to predict whether individual jobs will see a large rise in demand in Nepal in 2023. Yet, there are several areas and businesses that are expected to flourish and provide significant job possibilities in the near future. These are ways in which career will boom in Nepal in 2023.

Information Technology (IT) and Computer Science

Given the increased use of technology and reliance on the internet, the need for qualified IT workers is expected to stay high. Careers in software design, data analysis, cybersecurity, and cloud computing are examples of this. As more businesses and organizations transition to online platforms and utilize technology to run and communicate, the need for IT workers is expected to rise.


The healthcare business in Nepal is predicted to expand more as the country’s population ages and the demand for medical experts grows. Doctors, nurses, and pharmacists, for example, are expected to be in great demand. The COVID-19 pandemic has also emphasized the necessity of healthcare workers and their crucial role in caring for the illness and avoiding disease transmission.


Teaching is a career that is constantly in demand and will most likely stay so in the future. There is a severe scarcity of trained instructors in Nepal, particularly in rural regions, and this is predicted to worsen. Given the increased emphasis on education and the significance of delivering quality teaching to youngsters, teachers are expected to be in high demand in the future years.


Engineering is a field of study that is critical to every country’s development and success. Engineers will continue to be in high demand in Nepal in the future years, notably in civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering. As the government continues to expand and invest in infrastructure projects like as highways, bridges, and power plants, qualified engineers will be needed to design and construct these projects.


Agriculture is a significant contribution to Nepal’s economy and is expected to remain so in the future. Agriculture jobs, such as farming and forestry, are anticipated to be in high demand. With a substantial proportion of the population employed in agriculture, there is likely to be a demand for experienced experts who can assist in improving agricultural techniques and increasing output.


Nepal is a renowned tourist destination, and its tourism sector is expected to expand in the future years. Tourism jobs, such as tour guides, hotel managers, and travel brokers, are expected to be in high demand. As more individuals travel and discover new locations, there will be a greater demand for specialists to assist them in planning and organizing their journeys.

Environmental Science

When climate change becomes a more significant concern, there will almost certainly be a greater demand for environmental science. Environmental engineers, biologists, and geologists are examples of such professions. As the world grows more conscious of the need of protecting and preserving natural resources, there will undoubtedly be a demand for people who can assist in identifying and addressing environmental concerns.

Media and Communications

Careers in media and communications are anticipated to be in demand in Nepal, given the growing importance of social media and digital communications. Journalism, public relations, and social media management are examples of such jobs. As the globe gets more interconnected, communication becomes more crucial.

Business and Management

As Nepal’s economy grows and develops, there will most certainly be a demand for qualified business and management personnel. Marketing, finance and human resources are examples of such jobs. Given the growing significance of competent company administration, there will most certainly be a demand for specialists who can assist firms in operating efficiently and successfully.

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