The Process to Obtain NOC in Nepal in 2023

The Process to Obtain NOC in Nepal in 2023

The Process to Obtain NOC in Nepal

The Process to Obtain NOC in Nepal in 2023

A No Objection Certificate (NOC) to travel outside of Nepal can be obtained by following a somewhat complex task. Basically, a No Objection Certificate (NOC) serves as a legal document that permits hassle-free fee payments between students’ bank accounts and their universities or colleges. It is also frequently referred to as a “No Objection Letter” and only the Ministry of Education (MoE) issues it. Prior to contacting banks to transfer their tuition and other payments to the relevant universities abroad, students must first apply for NOCs online and get the NOC letter.

The process to obtain NOC in Nepal might be complicated for people if they are applying for it for the first time. There are two ways to get NOC which are online and physical. You can apply online and get the NOC or you can also go there physically and get the NOC. However, for both, you have to be present there while receiving the NOC. Here is the explanation of the steps in order to obtain a NOC in Nepal:

Online Process to Obtain NOC in 2023

  1. Create an account at by going there. To begin the NOC application process, you must first sign up using your email address or phone number.
  2. Fill out the online application form as directed and submit the requested papers. Verify the clarity of each document you upload.
  3. Within two to three business days, you should get a notification of the document verification.
  4. You would be required to pay the revenue of Rs. 2000.00 for each NOC payable to MOE at Rashtriya Banijya Bank if your application is granted. Sometimes, further documentation or information may be required for verification.
  5. While applying for NOC, you occasionally might not be able to identify the courses or universities you want to attend in the site. In this situation, a topic request is required.
  6. Make sure you fill out the entire subject request form with the requested details. The subject may be authorized in one to two business days, or if necessary, you may be requested for further information.
  7. As soon as your subject is accepted, continue with your application. Once you log in, the approval message will appear on the notification page of the portal.
  8. Even if you applied online, you must pick up a paper copy at MOE, at Keshar Mahal.

Physical Process to Obtain NOC

1. Be sure why you are going

Before you start the NOC application process, you need to figure out why you are going. This will assist you in identifying the government departments or organizations you need to get approval from. Obtaining a NOC is frequently done for medical treatment, studying abroad, or employment overseas.

2. Obtain the necessary paperwork

Based on the reason for your trip, you’ll need to gather a certain set of papers. These might include your passport, citizenship, visa application, academic transcripts, work records, acceptance letter or I-20 from the University (the institution you are applying to study abroad), and a copy of your previous NOC (If It has been issued before). It is essential to confirm the list of necessary papers with the appropriate government organizations or authorities.

3. Request a clearance

After assembling the necessary documentation, you must request clearance from the necessary governmental bodies or organizations. For instance, the Nepali Ministry of Education must provide its approval before you leave the country to pursue your studies overseas. You must acquire permission from the Ministry of Labor and Employment if you are traveling overseas to work.

4. Get a police clearance certificate

You will need to get a police clearance certificate in addition to clearance from organizations or government bodies. This certificate attests that you don’t have a criminal history and are not being investigated for a crime. A police clearance certificate is available from the district administrative department in your region.

5. Contact the Department of Immigration

In order to receive the NOC, you must contact the Department of Immigration after receiving approval from the pertinent governmental bodies or organizations and a police clearance certificate. Your passport, visa application, and all other necessary paperwork must be sent in to the Department of Immigration.

6. Pay the Fee

Following approval, you must pay the amount required to acquire the NOC. Depending on the kind of NOC you’re seeking and the reason for your trip, the charge for the NOC may change. It could be a set sum or a portion of the trip’s overall cost. For certificates of police clearance or other clearances, you can also be required to pay extra costs. The charge must normally be paid in cash or by bank draft. It is recommended to confirm the precise charge amount and payment options with the appropriate government authorities and organizations.

7. Obtain the NOC

The Department of Immigration will provide you with the NOC after the fee has been paid. To get the NOC, you might need to show identification that is current and proof of payment. You must double-check the NOC after you’ve got it to make sure all of the details are accurate. The Department of Immigration must be contacted if there are any mistakes so that they may be fixed before the NOC can be used.

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