The Process to Obtain a Police Report in Nepal

The Process to Obtain a Police Report in Nepal

In Nepal, obtaining a police report involves getting a record of any occurrences that have been reported to the police or that reveal a person’s criminal past. A police clearance certificate or a police character certificate are other names for this document. The police report is typically necessary for a number of things, including acquiring a job, opening a bank account, getting a visa, and dealing with other official concerns. Police verification reports are simple document that proves the innocence of a person traveling to another country for those who are not as familiar with them. Whether the person has a criminal history is shown on the certificate. The goal of this paper is to check the person’s background.

The process to obtain a police report in Nepal might be challenging for some people as it requires some steps to be followed. Hence, here are some of the steps to be followed to obtain a police report:

The nearest District Police Office (DPO) or Metropolitan Police Office (MPO) should be visited

Visit the closest DPO or MPO as the initial step in acquiring a police clearance certificate. On the Nepal Police’s official website, you may get the location of the closest police station. Prior to going, you may also call or email the police station to get the address and the list of needed paperwork.

Complete the application form

Once you’ve arrived at the police station, you’ll need to complete an online application form from Your name, address, contact information, and the reason you need the certificate will normally be requested on the form. Filling out the form completely and precisely is important since mistakes or inaccuracies might cause the procedure to take longer.

Send in the necessary paperwork

In addition to the application form, you must send in a copy of your citizenship certificate, a passport-size photo, and any other identity papers that may be necessary. Your mobile number, Gmail or email id passport, voter ID card, or PAN card may be requested by the police department as supplementary documentation. The police could ask to examine the original documents in order to verify your identity, so be sure to bring those as well.

Pay the charge

There is a fee associated with the Police Clearance Certificate. Depending on the area, the charge may change, but it’s often quite low. If the office has a card reader, you can use it to pay the cost. For information on the current charge, visit Nepal Police’s official website or get in touch with the police station.

Background investigation

The police will review your history to make sure you have no criminal convictions. Depending on the area, the procedure might take a few days to a few weeks. The police will confirm your identity and look up your prior criminal record during this moment.

Obtain the Police Clearance Certificate

The police will give a Police Clearance Certificate if the background investigation is successful. The application form’s given address will get the certificate. The certificate could also be available for pick up in person at the police station.


The process may differ based on the area and the particular needs of the police offices; thus, it is advised to consult the Nepal Police’s official website or get in touch with the closest police office for further details. To prevent procedure delays, it’s crucial to confirm that all necessary paperwork is in order. Typically, the Police Clearance Certificate is necessary for a number of things, including acquiring a job, opening a bank account, receiving a visa, and other official things. Additionally, it’s crucial to save the certificate because you could need it in the future for references.

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