Credit Transfer Process in Universities of Nepal in 2023

Credit Transfer Process in Universities of Nepal

Credit Transfer Process in Universities of Nepal

Tribhuvan University initially implemented the credit transfer system in 2018 after receiving approval from the TU senate in 2015. Nepalese and foreign students at Tribhuvan University can now continue their studies overseas, and vice versa. Here is a detailed process of the Credit Transfer Process in Universities of Nepal

Credit Transfer is a mechanism that ensures the easy transfer of students between higher education institutions in the United States and throughout the world. Students with 50 or less credit hours from other universities may apply for credit transfer at Tribhuvan University. Similarly, at least 50% of the transferred course’s subjects must correspond to the university’s course. Students wishing to transfer credits will not be permitted to modify their core or major subjects.

If you want to transfer credit, here are some things you should know:

  1. Students who want to transfer credit from an accredited university/college or one recognized by TU must apply at the relevant faculty or institution and pay a fee for each credit to be transferred.
  2. Students with a total of 15-20 credit hours from an authorized university/college may transfer their credits.
  3. Concerned faculty or institution will examine all prior university/college transcripts to see which credits may be transferable.
  4. Every course taken by a student to another university/college will be reviewed by the dean’s office.
  5. To be eligible for credit transfer, the student must complete at least 50% of the program’s credit hours.
  6. The student must have received at least a ‘B’ in each subject.
  7. A student who has completed a portion of the master’s degree but wishes to quit studies may also withdraw from the program. In such circumstances, a certificate detailing the student’s program credit must be issued.

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Credit Transfer in Pokhara University (PU)

On the advice of the faculty, up to 25% of the total credit hours of course work completed in a comparable program of a recognized school may be transferred/waived for credit. A student must have achieved a ‘B’ or above in the particular course to transfer credit. Courses taken more than five years ago may not be approved for credit transfer. A student moving from one Pokhara University program may, nevertheless, earn credit transfer for all comparable courses completed with at least a ‘C’ in the undergraduate level and a ‘B’ at the graduate level.


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