Why You Should Not Invest in Cryptocurrency

Why You Should Not Invest in Cryptocurrency

Why You Should Not Invest in Cryptocurrency

Investing in cryptocurrencies has grown in popularity over the past few years as more and more investors view it as a means to the diversification of their investments and perhaps generate a good number of profits. Before investing in cryptocurrencies, people need to be informed of a variety of risks and dangers that are involved. Here are some major reasons why you should not invest in cryptocurrency:

Lack of regulation

In contrast to conventional investments, the cryptocurrency market is mostly uncontrolled, which leaves investors open to scams. Due to the absence of regulations, it may be challenging for investors to get their money back if they become the target of fraud or have it stolen due to a security violation. Furthermore, because there is no regulation, it may be difficult for investors to comprehend both the dangers and possible benefits of various cryptocurrencies.


The price of cryptocurrencies can fluctuate drastically, with values liable to quick adjustments and sharp swings. Numerous things, such as shifts in market attitude, brand-new events in the bitcoin sector, and even rumors and conjecture, might contribute to this. As investors and speculators hurried to join in on the action in late 2017 and early 2018, Bitcoin, for instance, saw large price fluctuations. High volatility may lead to huge gains for investors who enter the market at the appropriate moment, but it can also cause major losses for those who choose the incorrect time to participate.

Potential threats

Since cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets hold significant quantities of important digital assets, they are popular targets for hackers and cybercriminals and a potential threat to investors. A series of high-profile security violations in recent years have led to the theft of bitcoin valued at millions of dollars. When exchanges have completely collapsed as a result of these hacks, investors have been left with no option to get their money back. Investors should utilize renowned exchanges with durable security protocols and safe wallets to store their cryptocurrencies to reduce the danger of security violations.

Low recognition

Despite their rising popularity, cryptocurrencies are still not generally recognized as a means of payment, which may limit their utility and future prospects. Due to the limited adoption, it may be challenging for investors to sell their holdings since they may need to locate a buyer who will acquire the cryptocurrency. Furthermore, investors may find it challenging to leverage their cryptocurrency holdings to make actual transactions due to the low adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Technological complexity

The typical individual may find cryptocurrency complex and challenging to use, which might result in errors and losses. Investors can transfer money to the incorrect address and lose it forever or they might not learn best how to properly keep their cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, investors may find it challenging to keep track of their investments and realize the possible risks and benefits linked to various cryptocurrencies due to the complexity of cryptocurrencies.

Market manipulation

Influential or wealthy people with the ability to control pricing and affect market trends can manipulate the cryptocurrency market. This is due to the market’s continued small size and high level of concentration, which allows a small number of dominant investors to significantly affect pricing. By purchasing a significant amount of cryptocurrency, a big investor may massively increase its price so that they may sell it at a greater price in the future. New investors that purchase at the inflated price may suffer huge losses as a result of this “pump and dump” technique.

Competition from alternative cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrency industry is quite competitive, and new coins are constantly being created and introduced. Due to the uncertainty surrounding the long-term performance of any one cryptocurrency, it can be difficult for investors to decide whether cryptocurrencies are worthwhile investments. Furthermore, the emergence of new cryptocurrencies can raise competition for existing ones, which might have a bad effect on their value and make it harder for investors to get a fair return on their investment.

Lack of user protection

Unlike conventional investments, cryptocurrency investments are not covered by government insurance schemes, which might expose investors to high risk. Investors might not be able to get their money back if an exchange or wallet is compromised. Investors may also find it challenging to settle complaints with exchanges or other cryptocurrency-related organizations due to the absence of user protection.


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