Which courses to select after plus 2 (+2) exam?

Which courses to select after plus 2 (+2) exam?

Which courses to select after plus 2 (+2) exam?

The completion of the plus two (+2) level marks the beginning of a career. So, picking what to study after plus two is the most important decision a student will ever make. Many students make hasty course selections without performing adequate study, and they choose careers that do not match their interests, talents, abilities, or hobbies. It is critical for students to select the appropriate course since only their area of interest will allow them to flourish in any field.

We only gain the necessary skills and knowledge in school. For students, the bachelor’s level is more extensive and particular. It trains students to confront real-world issues both on an organizational and individual level.

How do I select the best course?

Guidance can be obtained from elders, instructors, parents, educational consultants, mentors, and others. The breadth of the course is meaningless if you have no interest in the subject, thus before selecting a degree, one must find their interest. There are several opportunities for those who desire to pursue their education while also beginning a job. Students can find a course that interests them. Before deciding on a degree, individuals should consider what they want to be in the future. What opportunities are there in the particular program?

Famous courses in Nepal after plus two (+2)

In Nepal, there are various course options. However, pupils frequently select the most popular ones. Students are increasingly interested in Computer Science and Information Technology degrees owing to their broad spectrum of possibilities.. Medical, engineering, computer science and information technology, core science and technology, management, arts, law, and charter accounting are among the most common courses.

Medical Courses

Medicine and health care are service-oriented careers in one of the most renowned industries. Students interested in medical professions and eager to serve patients can pursue this degree. Students who pursue medical and health science must make a long-term commitment, allowing them to become lifelong learners.

Engineering Courses

Engineering is a highly desirable profession in Nepal. Thousands of students who have finished their +2 Level or comparable examinations join in Graduate programs each year. Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University, Purbanchal University, Pokhara University, Mid-Western University, and Far-Western University all offer Bachelor of Engineering degrees in Nepal. Students in Nepal with an interest in engineering have several options.

Information and Technology Courses

Popular curricula include computer and information technology degrees. Students gain knowledge and abilities in areas such as computers, networks, computer language databases, new technologies, web design, application development, and many more.

Management Courses

Management as a discipline includes the study of fundamental administrative norms and processes. It includes a set of instructions for the manager to follow as well as many ideas for managing resources efficiently.


Charter Accountancy is one of the most popular and profitable profession options for business students (CA). Passing the three levels of examination (CAP I, CAP II, and CAP III) and completing three years of articleship training is required to become a CA. As its main occupation, it primarily focuses on auditing. From accounting and auditing to finance, taxation, and corporate law, they are considered as authorities. They can start their own practice, join an audit firm, work as an internal auditor for a local or multinational corporation, or join a foreign or local bank to assist them with business financial and legal concerns after acquiring the chartered accountant qualification.

ACCA is comparable to CA, except its governing organization is ACCA UK, and it is recognized in over 180 countries worldwide. After finishing the ACCA program, one may begin a job with a multinational corporation (MNC) or a small local firm that services both domestic and foreign clientele. Finance, taxation, business consultancy, auditing, banking, and a range of other professional options are available to them.

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