After finishing a plus two level, students are confused to select their subjects for their own future carrier. There are mainly two subjects on their plus two level that is: science and management. Students are confused about technical courses for science students.

Mainly those students who passed their plus two from science stream are more confused in selecting a course for their higher studies as compared to management. The main reason for this problem is that students from management stream have mainly simple choice for their future. They can apply to subjects like BBA, BBS, BSW and various other subjects which mainly focuses on the managerial skills development in the students and want to provide them positions like waiter, general managers, department manager etc. whereas students from science stream mainly focuses on the technical aspects rather than simple development . There are different choices for the students from the science stream. They can choose technical subjects, health related subjects and many other. There are wide ranges of subject for students from science stream which have a great scope in today’s context as well as in the future.

Some types of technical subjects are civil engineering, architect-engineering, IT (information technology),   overseer, B.Sc.(agriculture), Fishery, Veterinary, etc. Some technical subjects related to health sectors are MBBS, Dental Science, BPH (public health), BHCM (healthcare management), etc. These are the emerging subjects or courses for the students from science stream which have large scope. Students can choose these subjects for their higher studies and develop a career. There are various colleges in Nepal which run the above-mentioned courses affiliated to different private as well as government universities.

Engineering (civil, architect):

Engineering has been a very emerging course students are choosing these days. Some students have hobby of inventing some new, creative ideas. Mainly students with their own creative vision and have interest towards designing the buildings, malls, hospitals etc. choose these subjects. The most essential criteria to choose engineering is one should be talent on the mathematics. Students securing low grades and those having low knowledge about the mathematics than they are not mainly preferred to choose engineering.


Students having interest to become doctors join this course. As compared to other subjects it’s tougher to complete MBBS. Students should have high remembering capacity for this subject. This course mainly focuses on both theory as well as practical aspects. Mainly students having their own interest and securing high-grade on their plus two results select this course. It’s very expensive to study without getting scholarship.

Dental science:

Dental refers to the aspect related to teeth. Dental science has been an emerging course for higher studies. In today’s context its important has been raise as people are becoming very conscious about their teeth too. Dental doctors too earn a good amount of money through their profession.


BPH stands for bachelor in public health whereas BHCM stands for bachelor in health care management. These two courses are newly introduced in Nepal. These courses are focuses towards the health status of people and looks after the problem towards health. As these are newly introduced in Nepal many students may not have listened about it. It is also a 4 years course. Its scope is growing day by day. The main workplace after completion of these courses is NGO/INGOs, Hospitals (manager), Health assistants etc. This is a course chosen by students who want to travel as well as do their job because it provides a field based job due to which you always get chance to travel and work there.


Agriculture has been a most engaged course after MBBS and engineering. As Nepal is an agricultural country, about 70% of total population still runs their life on the basis of agriculture. There is very high scope of agriculture in Nepal as well in foreign too. This course is not much expensive comparing to other subjects on the list.


It is also a subject where students mostly want to try as it is also interlinked with agriculture. Agriculture and farming has been a profession for many people . There emerges many problems in any work due to which they consult with veterinary doctors and agriculturalist. This course also has high scope in Nepal as well as in foreign too. 

IT (information technology):

Students who have their interest towards computers and technology are suggest to choose this subject. It is a technical subject where you can learn terms and function related to computer. It includes programming, website designing, graphics designing and many more things related to computer and technology. Students easily gets job after completion of this course as many institute, organization hire them for their information and technology related stuffs.

So above mentioned are the most students engaged subjects after their completion of plus two science. People can easily support and upgrade their career with these courses. Beside these there are many more subjects that can be chosen for the future study and develop carrier.

 –Mahesh Gautam


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