Balancing Body, Mind, and Spirit: From Suresh Puri’s Perspective

Suresh Puri

Suresh Puri is the Executive Director of Tranquility Spa, the largest chain of spas in Nepal. He has been working in the hospitality industry for the past 17 years, with a particular focus on the spa and wellness industry, expanding businesses in Nepal as well as in foreign countries.

Puri pursued his Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management from Nepal College of Travel and Tourism Management and earned his Post Graduate Diploma in Hospitality Administration/Management from Glion Institute of Higher Education, Switzerland.

While working at GATE College, Suresh Puri coordinated and provided training and employment to over 1,500 youths from various parts of the world. The training was supported by organizations including the Employment Fund & Helvetas Nepal, the World Bank, the Department for International Development (DFID-UK Aid), the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT), and the National Skill Testing Board (NSTB).

Additionally, Suresh Puri was elected as the President of the Spa Association Nepal in February 2024. This role further increases his influence and commitment to the spa and wellness industry in the country.

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What is Spa and its benefits?

SPA is made up of Latin-derived initials “Selus Per Aqua” which means Health from Water. Spa is the application of professional massage techniques not just with water but also with natural and therapeutic stones, fragrant oils, and other professional massage techniques. It provides the physical and spiritual care that the individual requires.

According to Tranquility Spa’s executive director, Suresh Puri, the concept of spa treatments originated with the therapeutic baths intended to help soldiers recover after the war. As these practices spread across Europe, They continued to adapt and change according to different cultural influences.

Spa therapies provide numerous health benefits, both spiritually and physically. These methods cover a wide range of treatments, including aromatherapy and massage techniques that promote physical healing and relaxation. The quiet ambiance of spa environments enhances these therapies, providing a calming impact on the mind and soul as the body is rejuvenated and relieved of stress.

Spa treatment offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Improved blood circulation.
  • Quick detoxification.
  • Muscle relaxation and relief from spasms after heavy exercise.
  • Support for regular digestive system functioning and help in the healing of rheumatic diseases.
  • Reduction of mental fatigue and stress.
  • Assistance with sleep issues and tension.
  • Visible improvements in body shape, reduction of cellulite, and overall beautification.
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Tranquility Spa

Tranquility Spa, established in 2008, is a leading spa and wellness industry chain in Nepal. It has various outlets in different cities in Nepal and internationally, including luxury hotels such as Marriott Putrajaya and Palm Garden Hotel in Malaysia. It is the first Day spa established in Nepal which is recognized by the Nepal Tourism Board. Additionally, it is the first Nepalese spa brand to expand its services internationally, demonstrating its pioneering role in the industry.

The aim of Tranquility Spa is to provide an exceptional holistic experience that combines technology with a relaxing environment to reduce stress, pain, and anxiety and rejuvenate the body, mind, and spirit, promoting physical and mental well-being.

Various services are provided by Tranquility Spa such as massage therapy, aromatherapy, beauty treatments, wellness packages, steam baths, sauna, jacuzzi, and gentlemen’s services like haircuts, shaves, and spa treatments.

While studying in Switzerland, Suresh Puri recognized the importance of the Spa and Wellness industry. So, he joined the management team of Nepal’s largest spa chain, Tranquility Spa, and achieved immense progress in the hospitality field.

According to Suresh Puri, Tranquility Spa provides excellent service at different hotels in Nepal and abroad with the help of experienced and professional experts educated in renowned institutes in Thailand, Switzerland, UAE, Australia, and Kerala, India.

Tranquility Spa has been providing various training programs through its training academy, providing trainees with the necessary knowledge and skills needed to deliver exceptional spa experiences and maintain the spa’s reputation for quality. It has also been providing employment opportunities to those who have completed training.

Suresh Puri’s View on Challenges and Opportunites of Spa Business in Nepal

Running a spa business in Nepal poses various challenges, like in any other country. As the spa industry grows in Nepal, competition among spa businesses increases, requiring spa owners to maintain high service standards and continuously innovate to attract and renovate customers.

Meeting regulatory requirements and acquiring essential licenses and permits can be complex and time-consuming. Spa businesses in Nepal need to ensure compliance with health, safety, and sanitation regulations, as well as any industry-specific regulations governing the spa industry.

Furthermore, recruiting and keeping talented spa therapists amid infrastructure limitations and economic uncertainties can be challenging. Also, tourist arrivals in Nepal can fluctuate seasonally, impacting the demand for spa services.

Despite all these challenges, Suresh Puri believes that the spa industry in Nepal is growing. The growing middle-class income indicates an increase in demand for beauty and wellness services, while tourism provides an opportunity to attract international visitors looking for spa experiences. Integrating traditional Nepali treatments with modern spa services and promoting unique local ingredients can help businesses stand out.

Innovations in packaging and branding, together with focused marketing methods for male grooming services, have the potential to expand the market reach. Also, embracing health and wellness trends, such as yoga and meditation classes, increases the industry’s appeal and relevance.

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Some Suggestions by Suresh Puri to Students

Suresh Puri believes that soft skills like hospitality, English language, communication, and life skills are equally important to compete in the International Market. If one has soft skills like these, then he/she shouldn’t worry about not getting a job in the future.

Puri suggests that students who have completed 10+2 and those who are pursuing a Bachelor’s degree explore and gain multiple skills through training which will be useful everywhere in the world. As there are immense opportunities in the spa and wellness industry, students can undergo training, gain some skills, and earn some money as well.

According to Puri, students must seek opportunities to gain hands-on experience through internships or part-time jobs at spas or wellness centers to enhance their skills and understanding of the industry.

The students can also consider entrepreneurship as a career path by exploring opportunities to start a small-scale spa business or freelance as a wellness practitioner.


Suresh Puri, an Executive Director of Tranquility Spa, Nepal’s largest spa chain, has 17 years of experience in the hospitality sector, including spa and wellness. He has a diploma in Travel and Tourism Management and a postgraduate diploma in Hospitality Administration/Management. He emphasizes the value of soft skills such as communication and hospitality in achieving global competitiveness. He encourages students to pursue training in the spa and wellness industry, stating numerous opportunities for skill development and income generation and gaining hands-on experience through internships and part-time jobs. He emphasizes the industry’s potential for growth despite limitations, recommending the integration of traditional Nepali treatments with modern spa services as well as new marketing techniques to attract both local and foreign clients.

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