The fact that you are looking for an answer on how to score a band 9 in IELTS tells us that you already known the basics of IELTS. We won’t get into what is band 9 or what sections are present in the IELTS. What we will tell you is how to score the elusive 9 and what your focus should be.

Develop core skills

Working on core skills, which you already know are reading, writing, listening and speaking will take a cumulative 60 days of practice to achieve band 9. It doesn’t just mean that you are able to do all of the above with comfort but are also able to manage time, understand patterns, identify keywords and also have time for revision during the test. Treat strategizing as one of the core skills while practicing, see what works for you and incorporate the same into your daily practice, tweaking it where necessary.

Work on language skills

Surrounding yourself with the language can be a big bonus for your practice. Bookmarking relevant websites, listening to BBC radio, always having a diary to note down important words and their uses and talking to people who are native English speakers are some of the things that you can do to make sure you get as much exposure to the language as possible. Take care to be around the language you want to practice because modern television shows and movies frequently use slangs and slips to make content entertaining. If you get into the habit if saying ‘cuz’ instead of ‘because’ you may very well expect a deduction.

Below we try to summarize how to achieve a 9 in all of the core skills.


In reading you will be tested on your reading comprehension which means grasping power or understanding of the written word.

  • Do a lot reading. Not of news articles but scientific analysis or observation by academicians of current issues
  • Identify the flow and genre of the passages
  • Find blogs or feature articles to help you practice. BBC or the Guardian are recommended for finding such passages
  • Find keywords in the questions to look out for in the passages
  • Strategize and think of how best to answer them all
  • Dedicate at least 10 days to this section
  • Use an alarm clock to increase your attention span


Your understanding of the British accent and subject of the conversation will come under scanner here.

  • For practice switch to mediums that allow you to practice only listening
  • Listen with utmost focus and attention. You do not get to hear the clip again
  • Try and get an expert to help you if you do not understand words instead of assuming the meaning
  • Listen to programs based on science or technology
  • Give yourself 5 days of constant practice


Be ready to be tested on your thought flow, grammar, sentence construction and essay structure.

  • Take professional help as there really is no correct or perfect answer to a question
  • You should practice writing at least 20 essays and have them examined by IELTS Experts
  • Make notes of sentences you do not understand to analyze later
  • Be aware of the frequent errors you make and also check your essays for cohesiveness


This section tests you on your ability to hold a conversation or explain complex ideas or situations

  • Find out the type of questions that you will be asked
  • Do as much mock practice with your friends, family or professionals as you can of the probable questions
  • Prepare for the pressure by setting yourself in interview like scenarios


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