Insights of Samaya Khadka on Empowering Entrepreneurship

Samaya Khadka, Entrepreneur on the left and Mr Sokul Joshi on the right

Samaya Khadka is a dynamic individual, who is serving as a teacher, entrepreneur, trainer, content designer, team lead, co-founder, and CEO, with a passion for empowering others, especially youths. He has a vision of guiding and counseling students to choose the right path in their lives.

Khadka is originally from Sindhuli, Nepal. He has hobbies such as hiking, cooking, and reading and loves to learn new things for skill-building. He likes to have people around him.

Working as a project team lead, product developer, production manager, and event coordinator at Karkhana to being a co-founder of Sharing Opportunities, CEO of Mirai Global Education and Visa Services, teacher of Karkhana Samuha, working at Global Shapers Kathmandu Hub, Khadka has spread his wings in various sectors but mostly, contributing to the education field.

Khadka has been involved in various extracurricular activities. As a result, he has built quite a lot of networks. He thinks that developing a habit of reading is beneficial for developing various skills and knowledge and for this, one should have self-discipline and the will to learn new things.

Khadka says, “When you grow up, there’ll be a lot of people who will criticize. But it’s up to you who you listen to.” He also says, ” You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to try.”

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Understanding Samaya Khadka’s View on Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is the capacity and willingness to create, organize, and run a business operation, including all of the uncertainties that come with it, to make a profit. An entrepreneur is defined as someone who possesses the ability and determination to establish, run, and achieve success in a startup enterprise, along with the risk that comes with it, to make profits.

Samaya Khadka feels that in Nepal, only people who do business on their own are considered entrepreneurs. However, he believes that entrepreneurs are those who have an entrepreneurial mindset, have problem-solving skills and can work in a team as well.

Khadka started his entrepreneurial journey as an intern and succeeded in becoming a team lead. He thinks that a person doesn’t have to own a business to be an entrepreneur. The mindset of an individual is hugely influenced by his/her environment, including his/her friends circle and working environment as well.

To develop an entrepreneurial mindset, one should have a learning mindset, some sort of skills as well as a challenging environment. But, the problem with youths nowadays is that they do not have patience and they want instant gratification.

Reasons for Students Going Abroad

The main reason for students going abroad is because of Nepal’s education system. There is no culture of working in Nepal while pursuing education by the students. Due to longer school/college hours, students do not have time to work and expose themselves to the market. Also, parents encourage their students to rather study than do the job.

Even students pursuing a higher level of education are only getting theoretical knowledge and do not have practical experience. Also, the education system doesn’t provide the youths with the skills that are in demand in the market, as there is a misalignment between the education and employment systems. The students have a degree but no experience. As a result, there is a problem of unemployment/under-employment among youths in Nepal.

Also, Khadka believes that besides struggle, it is easier for youth to earn a lot in a short period in foreign countries than in Nepal. There is a huge difference in the knowledge of people studying in Nepal and abroad. So, youths prefer to go to foreign countries to enhance their knowledge and skills and to earn as well.

But Samaya Khadka has faced lots of criticism for sending students abroad. He has seen comments like he is emptying the country by sending students abroad. That’s actually not true. He is just giving students the right pathway for their betterment as the education system of Nepal is not good.

Power of Networking in Entrepreneurship

Networking is an important tool that can significantly affect the success of any business and entrepreneurs. It connects entrepreneurs with valuable resources such as funding, mentorship, talent, and partnerships. Whether through events, online networks, or personal connections, networking provides access to resources that can accelerate business growth.

Networking enables entrepreneurs to gain insights, advice, and knowledge from individuals who have similar expertise or challenges in relevant areas. By actively participating in networking events, they can develop a strong support system, gain valuable insights, and form meaningful relationships.

Khadka thinks that if he had not been able to gain connections, he would be either in the US or Japan rather than staying in Nepal doing what he is doing currently. He says that all the progress that he has made to date is due to networking. He believes that the first way of networking is by attending the events.

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Samaya Khadka’s View on the Importance of Degree and Time Management for Students

An academic degree offers structured learning environments in which students develop theoretical knowledge and practical skills applicable to their chosen field. It can increase career prospects by opening up opportunities for self-development and higher-paying positions.

Universities and colleges provide great networking opportunities with professors, classmates, alumni, and industry professionals. Building a strong network during the academic journey can lead to future partnerships, mentorship, and career referrals.

Khadka believes that along with an academic degree, students should learn the importance of internship as it boosts learning. He thinks that discipline is a must in a student’s life. Priority setting is important for time management for students. One should figure out the difference between important and urgent so that one can easily manage time. He believes in getting things done and not procrastinating.

Personal Beliefs of Samaya Khadka

As per human nature, Khadka also compares his progress with others. He feels that if he had gone abroad to pursue further education and worked, he would’ve made a lot more progress. He thinks that people are ready to restart their lives in a foreign country, leaving a really good job in their country as there will be financial progress rapidly in foreign countries than in Nepal.

For Khadka, money is not everything, but intellectual skills are the foremost. As an entrepreneur, he is getting to learn lots of things from others’ progress and mistakes. He thinks that life is all about learning. Nepal, being a virgin land, has lots of opportunities as well as challenges. So, one can make a lot of progress by doing something in Nepal.


Samaya Khadka is a dynamic individual with roles varying from teacher to entrepreneur, trainer, content designer, and CEO who is deeply passionate about empowering others, particularly youth, and guiding them towards the right paths. He emphasizes the importance of an entrepreneurial mindset, problem-solving skills, and teamwork, stating that entrepreneurship extends beyond solitary business ownership. he advocates for practical learning experiences and skill alignment with market demands. He also emphasizes the importance of networking in his personal journey, as well as time management and internship opportunities for students. He values intellectual growth over financial gain and believes in the hidden potential of opportunities in Nepal.

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