There are different stages of students life. We start from primary level to secondary level and higher studies. At primary level students manly didn’t face much problem. Students have to face some problem in their secondary level studies that is after their SLC/SEE . They have to choose their college for +2 level studies which is somehow easy than choosing college/university for their higher studies i.e bachelor level studies. Here are Problems faced by +2 students.

Those students who have passed their plus two studies can face any problem regarding their decision for their future. There are many options for students who pass their plus two level which make them very confusing to take decision for their upcoming time or future. There are many possibilities for their future such as going abroad for higher study or staying in their own country and selecting the best university or joining the government colleges.

In context of Nepal some possibilities are going abroad for higher studies or staying in Nepal and choosing a best university which may be either government or private university.

Mainly students are now being focused for abroad studies. It has become a trend in the context of Nepal that abroad studies are the best option after completion of their plus two level. As abroad study is good but the way Nepali students are thinking are really not the reason for their abroad studies. They see people living abroad for studies are also earning a huge amount or a small amount, they seem to like being independent to their parents but the truth is that those students who are going abroad for their higher studies are also dependent to their parents. There are also many processes for going abroad studies. A huge amount of money is invested for students for abroad studies. Rarely a small number of students get their full scholarship for abroad studies. The number of full scholarships for abroad studies could be equal to 1/2000 in number. There is a very low chance for the full scholarship in abroad study so it is also a kind of big investment.


Beside going abroad for higher studies Nepali students can move forward choosing Nepali universities for their higher studies. There are altogether 11 different universities in Nepal. Some of them are owned by the government whereas some of them are private universities. Comparing to the private university, government university is affordable but there is a limited number of seats for any courses in any university. There are many colleges which come under these universities and running different courses for bachelor level. There is a wide choice of subjects in these universities, so students can choose a subject in which they have more interest. Some of the universities are quite expensive in comparison to other.

Some people think that the education system of Nepal is not so good for higher studies but they are somehow wrong as students from these different universities are being topped in their professional field.


The main problem for students living in Nepal for their further higher studies is to choose the subject. Many students are being confused to choose the subjects for their higher studies. So its very tough to choose the subject. The best way to choose the subject for the higher studies is the subject in which you have more interest it would be better to choose that subject. The subject which is somehow familiar to you would be the best choice. Interest is the main thing which plays a vital role to select the subject for higher studies.  If you have an interest in one particular subject then you can be focused on it which would help for the better result or outcome.

If you have an interest towards social aspects or accounting then you can choose BBA, BBS, BSW, BA. These subjects are related to this field. Whereas if you have interest towards science then you can take specific subject i.e physics, chemistry, biology and study bachelor regarding them and become its specialist. If you are interested in health sectors then you can choose subjects like MBBS, BSc .Nursing,BHCM,BHP.

These are some subjects regarding health sectors. There are other subjects like B.E, BSc.CSIT regarding the technical field. So students can choose subjects according to their own interest. You can also manage time for these studies and can also do some part-time jobs for earning too. Every subject has their own scope. There are many job opportunity regarding these fields so no subjects are good or bad. Some universities also provide scholarships for their best students based on the performance of their students. So you can look for it also.

These are some of the problem being faced by the students after their +2 completion. Some solution for those problems is also mentioned above. Besides these, if you have any problem or query then you can comment here. We will provide very genuine information regarding these topics.

Mahesh Gautam


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