Living Cost in Canada for International Students (2023)

Living Cost in Canada for International Students in 2023

Living Cost in Canada for International Students

International students frequently choose Canada as their study-abroad destination because of the country’s excellent education system, varied culture, and friendly atmosphere. However, the living cost may be rather high for students in Canada. International students may have a greater cost of living in Canada than domestic students, although it depends on the location and city.

As a requirement of their study visa, international students in Canada must have enough funds to cover their living expenses while they are enrolled in classes. They must be aware of the cost of living in Canada in order to budget their spending, prevent debt, and make the most of their stay. The following are some of the significant living cost in Canada for international students:


Housing is a huge expense for international students in Canada. Depending on the area and quality of the property, the cost of a house might differ tremendously. For shared housing, a student may anticipate paying around CAD 800 to CAD 1,500 per month, and up to CAD 2,000 per month for a one-bedroom unit. As it is frequently less expensive than renting a one-bedroom apartment, shared housing is a popular choice among international students in Canada. For overseas students searching for economical and practical housing, certain Canadian institutions and colleges also provide on-campus living choices.


The cost of clothing for foreign students studying in Canada might be substantial. This is certainly relevant for people who are moving from warmer nations since they might not have the right gear for the cold temperatures in Canada. Canada has four different seasons, and regional differences in temperature can be significant. In some regions of the nation, the wintertime lows can reach -30°C (-22°F) or below, and snowfall is frequent. This implies that wearing thick, insulated clothes is necessary for remaining warm and secure throughout the winter.


Food is yet another significant expense for international students studying in Canada. Although it also varies on where you buy a product and what you buy, the expense of food for international students might be rather costly. A student should budget between CAD 300 and CAD 500 per month for food. International students should investigate the cost of food in the area they intend to study in and look for markets or grocery stores that are reasonably priced. International students may find on-campus meal plans to be a practical and cost-effective choice at several Canadian institutions and colleges.


When estimating the cost of living in Canada for international students, transportation should also be taken into account. Depending on the city and form of travel, the transportation costs might differ. For instance, in places like Toronto and Vancouver, using public transportation might run you around CAD 100 to CAD 150 per month, whereas having a car can run you about CAD 600 to CAD 800 per month, considering petrol, insurance, and servicing.

Researching the available modes of transportation in the area they intend to study in will help international students decide which is the most practical and inexpensive choice for them. Public transportation could be the most practical choice in some places, while biking or walking might be more cost-effective in others.

Health coverage:

Another cost to take into account for international students in Canada is health coverage. Foreign students in Canada are obliged to get health insurance, which can cost roughly CAD 600 to CAD 800 per year. For individuals who wish to be certain they get secure while they are studying, certain institutions and colleges in Canada provide health insurance policies for overseas students.

International students studying in Canada may also have additional fees, such as those for textbooks, supplies, and utility expenses. International students should consider the living costs in the area they choose to study in and make a budget that accounts for all of these costs. Although it is essential to keep in mind that Canada also offers a high level of living and a decent quality of life, living expenses in Canada for international students may generally be rather costly. Many international students in Canada come to the conclusion that the cost of living is reasonable since they may receive a top-notch education and have access to various opportunities for both personal and professional advancement.

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