10 Free Online Courses with Certificates You Can’t Miss!

10 Free Online Courses with Certificates

In a world where your resume can make or break your career dreams, certificates are like the shiny gems that set you apart from the rest. Not only do they bolster your qualifications, but they also scream, “Hey, I’m motivated, hardworking, and always eager to learn!” So, why not snatch these opportunities to add some bling to your resume without breaking the bank?

Introducing the Top 10 Treasure Troves of Free Online Courses with Certificates:

  1. Google Analytics Academy – Where Data Meets DelightGoogle Analytics Academy isn’t just about numbers; it’s about unlocking the secrets of data with six captivating courses. Dive in to discover Google’s data measurement tools, and the best part? It’s as free as the air you breathe!Google analytics academy
    • Courses: Google Analytics for Beginners, Advanced Google Analytics, Google Analytics for Power Users, Getting Started with Google Analytics 360, Introduction to Data Studio, Google Tag Manager Fundamentals
    • Access: Simply log in with your Google account, pick your course, hit ‘Register,’ and voilà!
    • Certification: Score 80% or more in assessments, and you’ve got yourself a certificate!
    • Price Tag: It’s a gift from Google – no strings attached!
    • Course link: Google Analytics Academy Courses
  2. SCRUMstudy – Agile Learning for Agile MindsSCRUMstudy isn’t your average Joe of online learning. With seven courses in its arsenal, including Six Sigma and Marketing Strategy Fundamentals, it’s got you covered.SCRUMstudy
    • Courses: Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Scrum Fundamentals Certified, Marketing Strategy Fundamentals, Digital Marketing Fundamentals, Marketing Research Fundamentals, Corporate Sales Fundamentals, Negotiation Associate
    • Access: Register, hop on in, and you’ve got a 6-month golden ticket!
    • Certification: Pass the exams, and your certificate awaits in the ‘My Certificates’ section.
    • Price Tag: No cost – these treasures are all yours!
    • Course link: SCRUMstudy Courses
  3. LinkedIn Learning – Your Ticket to 16,000+ CoursesLinkedIn Learning (formerly Lynda.com) offers a treasure chest of over 16,000 free courses across various fields. But beware of the one-month trial trap!Linkedin Learning
    • Courses: It’s a sea of courses, so take your pick!
    • Access: Sign in via your LinkedIn account, and you’re on your way.
    • Certification: Download your certificate after course completion.
    • Price Tag: Start with a 1-month free trial, but keep an eye on auto-renewal!
    • Course link: LinkedIn Learning Courses
  4. Oxford Home Study Centre (OHSC) – British Elegance in LearningOHSC presents 46 courses, spanning from Management to Finance, all for free! No need to raid your piggy bank.
    • Courses: Explore the full list of free courses on their website.
    • Access: A few clicks to register, and you’re in.
    • Certification: Your certificate glimmers in your inbox upon course completion.
    • Price Tag: These 46 courses come gift-wrapped – no charges included!
    • Course link: OHSC Courses
  5. Open SAP – Learning with a Splash of SAPOpenSAP dazzles with 60 courses, including self-paced options. Learn SAP’s secrets, and you might just find a golden Record of Achievement waiting for you.openSAP
    • Courses: Check out the 45 self-paced free courses and more in their Upcoming and Current sections.
    • Access: Create an OpenSAP account and dive right in.
    • Certification: Score at least 50% on graded assignments to earn a Record of Achievement.
    • Price Tag: All courses are on the house!
    • Course link: Open SAP Courses
  6. Saylor Academy – Free Education for AllSaylor Academy, a non-profit crusader since 2008, offers around 100 courses. Enroll, pass the final exam, and you’ve got a ticket to the learning hall of fame. saylor academy
    • Courses: A treasure trove of nearly 100 courses awaits!
    • Access: Register, choose your course, and embark on your learning journey.
    • Certification: Score 70% or higher on the final exam for your Course Completion Certificate.
    • Price Tag: Absolutely free – no hidden treasure chests here!
    • Course link: Saylor Academy Courses
  7. upGrad – Elevate Your SkillsFounded in 2015, upGrad delivers 19 free courses designed in collaboration with top industry experts.upGrad
    • Courses: Pick your favorite from the 19 available.
    • Access: Register, enroll, and enjoy the ride.
    • Certification: Your certificate is the cherry on top after completing all modules.
    • Price Tag: All courses come gift-wrapped with certification – no extra charges!
    • Course link: upGrad Courses
  8. AWS Training and Certifications – Cloudy with a Chance of LearningAmazon Web Services (AWS) boasts 664 courses in digital learning. Get your head in the clouds and start learning! aws training and certification
    • Courses: Explore various domains under ‘Learning Library’ with free courses under ‘Digital Learning.’
    • Access: Sign in with your Amazon account, and subscribe to ‘Free Digital Training.’
    • Certification: Your certificate awaits after course completion.
    • Price Tag: It’s an AWS monsoon of free learning!
    • Course link: AWS Training and Certifications Courses
  9. Coursera – Learning the World’s WayCoursera partners with top universities to offer 3900+ free courses. Enroll with your school or college email ID, and the world is your classroom. coursera
    • Courses: Enjoy a buffet of 3900+ courses, including “Coursera Together.”
    • Access: Enroll with your school/college email ID and start learning for free.
    • Certification: Complete course requirements and your certificate is your reward.
    • Price Tag: All courses are served with a side of free certification!
    • Course link: Coursera Courses
  10. Alison – Learning Made EasyAlison offers 24 free courses spanning 16 categories. With a passing score of 80% or higher, your digital certificate is just a few clicks away.Alison
    • Courses: Explore the full list of free courses on their website.
    • Access: Sign up, choose your course, and dive right in.
    • Certification: Achieve 80% or more in course assessments for your digital certificate.
    • Price Tag: These 24 courses are completely free – no fine print!
    • Course link: Alison Courses

Additional Gem: JobPrepped – Your Path to Marketing Success

JobPrepped gifts you five free courses for marketing and business job preparation. With a 94.3% success rate, this one’s a game-changer!

  • Courses: SEO Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, SEM Marketing, Marketing Resume Guidance, Marketing Interview Guidance
  • Access: Go to JobPrepped and click “Try for Free” – no strings attached!
  • Certification: Earn your certificate after completing any of the above courses.
  • Price Tag: It’s a marketing miracle – absolutely free!
  • Course link: JobPrepped Courses

And for the Certificate-Free Adventurers: Udemy and edX Await!

If certificates don’t tickle your fancy, platforms like Udemy and edX offer a treasure trove of knowledge without the certificate fuss.

  • Access: Simply visit Udemy and edX and explore the vast array of free learning resources.

Now that you’ve uncovered this treasure map, don’t let it gather dust. Dive into these opportunities, and let the world see your sparkling potential. Happy learning,

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