Dr. Navin K. Sharma’s Insights on Succeeding

Dr. Navin K. Sharma

Dr. Navin K. Sharma is the director of NAME Institute for Medical Education located in Kathmandu. He was also a professor at this institute, having an extensive background in teaching, and has taught more than 30,000 students in the course of his career. He has inspired and prepared a large number of students for careers in medicine through his motivational speeches and educational initiatives.

Dr. Sharma holds an MBBS degree from Mahararajgung Medical Campus (MMC), one of the 7 constituent campuses of the Institute of Medicine (IOM), and is registered with the Nepal Medical Council (NMC).

At the NAME Institute, Dr. Sharma focuses on providing both academic achievement and personal growth, equipping students to tackle the demands of exams as well as real-life situations. He has been encouraging students to visualize their goals and work diligently towards them, while also considering the importance of adapting and learning from failures. He believes that every success is greater than the summation of all the previous failures.

Under Dr. Sharma’s leadership, the NAME Institute has grown significantly, offering a diverse range of courses and employing top-tier educators to ensure high-quality education. He believes in having ethical teaching practices and realistic commitments, which have earned the trust and respect of both students and teachers.

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NAME Institute of Medical Science

The NAME Institute, established in 1996, began with only two rented rooms in Putalisadak, Kathmandu, located near Shankerdev Campus with the aim to establish Dr. Navin K. Sharma’s own NGO to equip students with knowledge and skills. However, as time passed, the major goal became to prepare students for medical entrance exams, which was a difficult task at the time due to a lack of professional teachers, entrance guides, and a standardized curriculum.

The NAME Institute has grown significantly over the years, both in terms of facilities and academic excellence. By 2006, the institute had moved to its own building, marking a significant milestone in its development.

Some of the entrance preparation courses offered by NAME Institute include summer sessions focusing on MBBS, BDS, BPH, B. Pharmacy, B.Sc. Agriculture, B.Sc. Nursing, B. Tech, B. Forestry, B. Optometry, BPT, and so on, winter sessions for Indian Embassy and BPKIHS entrance exams, and a 12-month premedical program focusing on detailed study materials.

NAME has gained the trust of students and parents by avoiding unrealistic promises and emphasizing student effort and determination as the key to success. It strives to provide top-tier and experienced teachers and materials, also recognizing the challenges of covering significant information in the limited time available, which can sometimes compromise the depth of learning.

For detailed information, please visit this link: NAME

Dr. Navin K. Sharma’s Experience of Passing MBBS Entrance Exam

After completing his ISC (Intermediate in Science) from Biratnagar, Dr. Navin K. came to Kathmandu to pursue an MBBS degree. However, he failed the first time while competing in the entrance exam. He had a very challenging experience while preparing for the MBBS entrance exam. But he never gave up.

Like many aspiring medical students, Sharma would have spent countless hours studying various subjects such as biology, chemistry, physics, english, and mathematics. His journey to passing the MBBS entrance exam mostly included self-study without anyone’s guidance. His determination, perseverance, and passion for medicine were the crucial factors in his success.

Dr. Sharma holds the belief that one shouldn’t depend on anyone, be afraid of failing, and should keep on pushing themselves and trying until the ultimate goal is achieved. He says that only practice and repetition will not make someone perfect. He says, “It is not the hour that decides, it is the power that decides.”

Dr. Sharma’s personal experience preparing for and passing the MBBS entrance exam most likely influenced his point of view toward education and motivated him to establish the NAME Institute. His firsthand understanding of the difficulties faced by medical students has inspired him to build a helpful and effective learning environment to assist future students in achieving their academic goals.

Tips to Study Well and Crack Entrance Exam

According to Dr. Sharma, there are no shortcuts to studying well. In order to achieve success, one needs to adapt, adjust, or make necessary changes in their way of life, mindset, or actions. He thinks that investing more time and hard work doesn’t always mean success. There are a few tips to study well and crack the desired entrance exam which are listed below:

  • Be ready to fail and have patience.
  • Learn from everything, be it success or failure.
  • Keep on trying past your limits.
  • Do not depend on anyone. Believe in yourself.
  • Enjoy the work you’re doing.
  • Do not compare yourself with others. Be different from the crowd.

Dr. Sharma’s View on How Every Field Has Opportunities

Opportunities are all around us, waiting to be utilized and transformed into success stories. These opportunities can come in different forms, ranging from career development to personal growth and development.

Dr. Sharma believes that opportunities do not necessarily have to be present, they can be created. Rather than waiting for favorable circumstances to appear, This perspective emphasizes the power of effort, innovation, and resourcefulness in creating possibilities.

Every field of study has significant potential, be it arts, science, information technology, or management. All these fields have equal opportunity if they are equally respected. Each discipline provides unique opportunities for innovation, creativity, and impact, and individuals should be encouraged to pursue their interests and passions regardless of the field they choose.

According to Dr. Sharma, to become successful in any field, one must dedicate adequate time, go deeply into their work, and prioritize the needs of the client, customer, or organization they’re working for. One must work on oneself to upgrade oneself, instead of solely focusing on the job.

If you'd like to learn more, please watch this podcast: Leading Change: Dr. Navin K Sharma's Journey at @nameinstitute


Dr. Navin K. Sharma, the director of the NAME Institute for Medical Education in Kathmandu, has shaped the lives of nearly 30,000 students through his significant teaching experience. He emphasizes self-improvement and resilience, drawing from his own experience of overcoming challenges during his MBBS entrance exam preparation. His dedication to creating opportunities can be seen throughout his institute, which has succeeded under his guidance by providing a diversified curriculum and adopting ethical teaching practices. He believes that all fields of study have equal opportunity stating that success comes from personal growth and initiative rather than solely from job performance. He thinks that everyone has the ability to create their own opportunities through determination, innovation, and continuous self-improvement.

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