Bachelor Of Business Administration is the most popular course among students aspiring to embark on the journey of management. A degree in BBA opens up various opportunities for a student. One can join as a Management Trainee in Finance, Marketing, Consulting or Banking sector. Although the salary package depends on a person’s capabilities, one can expect a package between 10k to 30k per month. Below are the various career options a student can explore after BBA. Here are top Career options of BBA Nepal

1. Pursue A Postgraduate Degree In Management

BBA lays the foundation for MBA. It is in fact, considered as a stepping stone to MBA. It becomes quite easy for a student with a degree in BBA to pursue a higher degree in management compared to a student from another course. You can either do MBA or PGDM. Both are professional courses and provide you with the knowledge of business affairs and embed management skills within you.
A student can also specialize in a particular area of his choice at the postgraduation level and widen his future career prospects.

2. Get A Job

A BBA student can explore the corporate world and get a job with a good salary package in the management sector. Due to the versatile nature of this course, one can get into Marketing, Finance or Operations Department. You can work as a Human Resource Executive as well.
Also, since it is a professional course, you can easily get placed through a college placement program.

3. Become An Entrepreneur

Startups are a fad nowadays. A large number of students after completing their graduation, decide to become an entrepreneur. A student of BBA is given business-related knowledge, which helps him acquire the skills required to run a business successfully. Due to the immense focus on leadership and communication skills, the student is capable of making the right decisions and make his stint as an entrepreneur successful.

4. Work In The Government Sector

Many reputed government exams like Public Service Commission, Rastriya Banijya Bank (RBB), Central Bank and other bank exams emphasize on the knowledge of banking and business. With a degree in BBA, you can easily crack these exams. A BBA student is given the knowledge of banks, their functioning and about various business-related affairs during the course. So a management student definitely has an upper hand over other students.

5. Work In Foreign Embassies

Various foreign embassies require students with a management degree. You can learn a foreign language and go on to work in that particular embassy. You can also take up exams like TOEFL or IELTS and move abroad for further studies.

6. Specialize In A Branch Of Your Choice

A degree in management doesn’t limit you to only desk jobs. You can pursue courses like Hospitality or Tourism Management and make a career in it. You can also become a Chartered Accountant. Various other courses like Certified Analyst Program (CCAP), Executive courses in Finance or a course in Risk Management can be pursued as well.

Hence, there are many options after BBA, but what matters is where your interest lies. Evaluate your options, introspect your interests and choose the best way forward.

7.Different sector

Choosing a different sector can be a good way for those students who have the desire to move out from the business and management zone because they didn’t enjoy much during or after their course. a program like Mass Communication, Travel and Tourism can allow you to explore the new area while keeping intact the knowledge you gained during graduation. Business journalism is one a good area after mass communication that would keep you to utilize the knowledge of both the courses your skills.

8. College placement

Going for college placement can be a good option too for the students who manage to get one in their expertise area. This would plugged you to gain that much important  practical knowledge of the corporate world and teach you to apply and make you eligible to get your theoretical knowledge and learning at workplace and that too at a very young age.

9. Going for trending jobs

like in digital marketing is also a good career option to choose. There have been number of new marketing and business skills that revolve around new trends involving the social media and digitization. Having basic knowledge and good writing skills can make you build your career faster in these newly introduced job options. Through digital marketing, you can make the smart use of social media to transform an image of any company and learn the tactics for business and marketing which is being done digitally. The trending jobs these days also include various other options such as Content Writing and creative writing that can fetch you a desirable position at advertising agencies.

10. Pay Scale

A Sales Executive, Research Assistant, Office Executive, Officer, Asst Manager, can get somewhere from Rs 15,000 to Rs 40,000/- depending on the firm and your expertise.

Here is the list of Top 10 BBA colleges in Nepal. 


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