As being a student various kinds of thoughts hit your mind during attending a class period . There are different kinds of students with different creativity and attitude. Some are intelligent ,skillfull whereas some are unskilled. Some students are very motivated toward study and their carrier where as some take study as a burden of their life .

Here are 10 reasons why students bunk their class:


  1. Boring teacher:

   Teachers are the most important factor for student , their study  and their motivation. Students are highly influenced by their teachers. There become an special bond between teachers and students. Students find some teachers attractive and friendly according to their behavior due to which it also make some impact on the subject they are teaching. When students like their teacher then too like the subject being teached by the same teacher but if they find teacher boring then it also make impact on the subject they teach to students. This could be a main reason that students bunk their class. So teachers are the essential factor for the concentration of student during any class and bunking the class.


  1. Boring subject:

     Students are creative enough to judge the subject they are being taught on their own prospective. Some students find one subject very attractive and usefull whereas some student may find the same subject very boring. Boring subject distract students due to which they want to bunk their classes. So the boring subjects plays a vital role for bunking a class by students.


  1. Peer pressure:

Students make their own group or friend circle which make positive as well as negative effect on the study of their own. Some friend circle encourage to study where as some friends discourage to study due to which an individual student bunk his/her class. If friend state any wrong thing as right then an individual believe as if that’s the right one. So Peer pressure is also one of the important factor that encourage student to bunk their classes.


  1. Lack of motivation:

  Motivation factors are those factors which motivate to perform some special activities with full energy. These factors can make positive as well as negative impact on students life. If an individual  get motivates towards study and know its importance they don’t want to bunk their classes but if they are motivated on against of study they it may motivate them to bunk their class. Students can be motivated by their teachers,parents, colleague and seniors.


  1. Show off:

Fashion has been a new factor influencing students. Nowadays the trend of show off is emerging day by day which has made negative impact on students life. When seniors bunk their class the junior ones take it as a new style due to which they copy them in thought of being stylish or show off. Juniors copy the activities performed by their seniors so they bunk their classes .


  1. Lack of interest:

   Every people have their own interest .Some people find study interesting , some finds extra curriculum activities interesting which also includes singing ,dancing, playing etc. If students have interest in their study then they don’t bunk their classes. Interest plays a vital role in students life too. Some students study due to the pressure given by there parents due to which they don’t pay their attention in class if attended and try to bunk their class.

  1. Lack of interesting study material/teaching methods:

    Study material and teaching methods plays a vital role to motivate student to study. If student don’t have sufficient study material then they would like to bunk their classes. As well as if the teaching methods carried out by teachers are not interesting then it distract students from study. They may find it boring which result to the bunk of classes by students.


  1. Over confidence:

If you are confidence enough on any topic then you don’t want to pay attention on that topic being presented by others. Some students find themselves over confidient on some subjects so they bunk their class. They don’t find those subjects interesting  due to which they want to escape those classes or subjects.


  1. Hobby:

      A hobby is a regular activity that is done for enjoyment, typically during one’s leisure time. Students have their own hobby which could be different from each others hobby. Hobby may includes activities like singing, dancing, playing, writing, reading, stamp collecting etc. So students find study as waste of time rather they prefer to perform the activities they are fund of.


  1. Religion and culture :

         There are various kind of culture ,tradition, religion which celebrate different festivals.Some religion have very interesting festivals that students find them more interesting than studying .So students bunk their classes to attend their festivals .

These are the top 10 reasons why student bunk their class.

       -Mahesh Gautam







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